Magazine List  

Magazine World currently has over 1,200 magazine subscription listings on our website.  These listings contain detailed descriptions along with a current cover photograph.  In addition, there are over 1,000 other publications that Magazine World can offer our customers.  Below is a complete list of all the additional publications that we are able to offer.  Please contact us if there is a magazine on this list you are interested in for a price quote. 

Accent West

Affordable Housing Finance

African Voices

Alter Ego

Alter Ego - Digital

American Cake Decorating​ - Digital

American Craft




American Digger

American Scientist

American Scientist - Digital

American Scientist - Print + Digital


Art Culinaire


Art Papers

Arts of Asia

Auto Laundry News

Aviation Week & Space Tech - Digital

Back Issue

Back Issue - Digital

Backyard Poultry

Barely Legal (Hustler's)


Big River

Black Masks


Brick Journal

Brick Journal - Digital


Cage & Aviary Birds (UK)

Carpe Articulum Literary Review

Catholic New York

Catholic Update

Cawaii (Japan)

Chemical Processing

Chief Leader


ChopChop Spanish Edition

Christian Century



Classic & Vintage Commercials (UK)

Classic Car Mart (UK)

Classic Ford (UK)

Classic Jaguar (UK)

Classic Massey & Ferguson Enthusiast (UK)

Classics Monthly (UK)

ClayCraft (UK)

Clinical Diabetes


Coast (UK)

Collections Journal (Individual)

Collections Journal (Institution)

Collegiate Baseball Newspaper


Colorado Expression

Colorado Review

Comic Book Creator

Comics & Gaming (CGMagazine) Commentary

Communication Briefings - Digital

Communication Briefings - Digital

Community Review

Connect and Eatz



Control Design

Cool Trans (Japan)

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Cucina Moderna Oro

Current Biography

Current Biography Cumulative Index, 1940-2018

Current Biography Yearbook

Custom Car (UK)

Daily Word Spanish (La Palabra Diaria)

Dansk (Denmark)

Darth Vader

Defense News

Delaware Chess Newsletter


Desktop Engineering


Diabetes Care

Diabetes Spectrum

Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor


Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor

Dollhouse Minatures

Domani (Japan)

DOT en Espanol

DOT Magazine

Drug Store News

El Centinela


Executive Secretary



Farm World

Fast Car (UK)

Fast Ford (UK)


Fine Art Connoisseur

Fine Art Connoisseur - Digital

Fine Art Connoisseur - Print and Digital Bundle


Firehouse - Digital

First Things

Fishing News Weekly (UK)

Food Processing

Ford & Fordson Tractors (UK)



Foundation & Corporate Funding For Science Research

Free Inquiry

Fruit Growers News

Fruit Growers News - Digital

Furniture Today

Gap Press Men Tokyo/NY

Geospatial World

Glass UK

Glitter Magazine (Teen Magazine) - Digital

Goat Journal


GQ India


Grand Rapids Magazine

Guide Magazine

Guitar Techniques (UK)

Happy Times

Harper Bazaar China

Harper Bazaar India

Hemmings Classic Car

Hemmings Muscle Machines

HERE Magazine

Heritage Commercials


Heritage Commercials (UK)

HFN - Home Furnishing News

Historic Motor Racing News Europe

Hiyoko Club

Hoard's Dairyman

Home Energy - Digital

Home Energy - Print + Digital


Home Textiles Today

Horn Book Guide

Horn Book - Digital

Horn Book - Print + Digital

Horn Book Magazine

Hot Press

Hydrocarbon Asia


Inland Empire Magazine



Inside Photoshop

International Journal of Educational Reform (Ind.)

International Journal of Educational Reform (Inst)


Iowa Chess News En Passant

Iowa Outdoors

Jack Kirby Collection

Jack Kirby Collector - Digital

Jaguar World (UK)

Jewish World of Wonders Kids Magazine

Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools (Individual)

Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools (Institution)




Journal of School Leadership (Individual)

Journal of School Leadership (Institution)

Journal of School Public Relations (Individual)

Journal of School Public Relations (Institution)

Katy Times

Landscape Management - Digital

LDB Interior Textiles


Lecturas Cocina


Library Hotline - Digital

Library Journal

Library Journal - Digital

Library Journal - Print + Journal


Log Cabin Homes

Lutheran Witness

Luxury Pools

Mailbox Grade 1 - Digital

Mailbox Intermediate - Digital

Mailbox Kindergarten - Digital

Mailbox Preschool - Digital

Mailbox Primary Grades 2-3 - Digital

Marine Corps Gazette

Marisol (Japan)


Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

Medical Practice Compliance Alert

MG Enthusiast (UK)

Microwave Journal

Mini Magazine

Mini Magazine (UK)


MiniWorld (UK)

MIT Sloan Management Review (Institutional basic digi + pt)

MIT Sloan Management Review (Institutional basic digital)

MIT Sloan Management Review (Institutional prem digi + prt)

MIT Sloan Management Review (Institutional premi digital)

Moda Pelle - Style & Project

Montana Outdoors

Mosaic Literary Magazine

Motor Magazine

Motor Magazine - Digital

Multichannel Merchant

Multifamily Executive



My Devotions

Nail Venus

Naval History

New England Journal of Medicine

New Moon Girls

New York Amsterdam News

NIH & NSF Funding Advisor

Nikkei Entertainment


North American Review


Northshore - Digital

Nurse Practitioner

Nursing 2021

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

Nursing Management

Old Glory




Otaku USA

Our Little Friend

Our Sunday Visitor

Outdoor Indiana

Outdoor Oklahoma

Pacific Fishing

Park Homes & Holiday Caravan (UK)

Passions Men

Pediatrics for Parents

Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

Performance MINI (UKI)

Performance VW (UK)

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Plant Services

Pool & Spa News

Popshot (UK)

Practical Pigs (UK)

Primary Treasure


Private Air Luxury Homes



Pro Ecclesia (Individual)

Pro Ecclesia (Institution)


Proceedings - Digital

Produce Processing

Produce Processing - Digital

Produce Retailer

profi International

Progressive Populist


Quick Frozen Foods International


Railroad Press

Recording Magazine

Recording Magazine - Digital



Rendez Vous

Retro Ford (UK)


Retrofan - Digital




Rock Sound

Rolls-Royce & Bentley Driver (UK)

RT Book Reviews - Digital

School Arts

School Library Journal

School Library Journal - Digital

School Library Journal - Print + Digital


SERVO - Digital

Sex Etc

Shindig (UK)

Ships Monthly (UK)


Signs of the Times

Site Selection

SOM Magazine

Space News

Space News - Digital & Print

Sportswear International

Stationary Engine (UK)

Stone Soup

Story Monsters Ink

Surgical Technologist

Sutekini Handmade

Swimming World

Teacher Education and Practice (Individual)

Teacher Education and Practice (Institution)


The Believer


UK Rock & Roll Magazine

The Great Outdoors (UK)

The London Magazine (UK)

The Packer


Top Sante


Tractor & Farm Heritage

Tractor & Machinery (UK)

TREASURES: Antique to Modern Collecting

Trucking (UK)

Truckstop News (UK)


V Man

Vintage Roadscene (UK)

Vital Speeches International

Vital Speeches of the Day


Vogue China

Vogue Russia

VolksWorld (UK)

VW Camper & Bus 

VW Camper & Bus  (UK)

VWt (UK)

Whispering Wind

Whispering Wind - Digital

Whitefish Review

Window Fashion Vision

Wine Spectator

Woman's World

Women Studies Abstracts

Womens Passion

Women's Wear Daily - Digital

Wooden Boat


Working Smarter w/Microsoft Office



Yes! Magazine




Youth Today - Digital

Zoom International

4TH D Wellbeing